Why I don’t want your purchases during this time of uncertainty.

While I am so thankful for your support, I will still be here once things stabilize.

It’s very much life as usual here. The spring months are my slow sales times. These are the months that I use to create new designs and solidify this years business plan. 

Maybe this is a good time for us all to create our Life plans. To take a close look at what is essential and what is holding us back from growth. Do we have enough in savings? Are our hobbies and habits making us healthier or are they slowly killing us? What are the things I wish “someone” would do something about, and can I be that someone? Can I cook more often and buy one less cappuccino? Can I learn a new skill, for no reason but to challenge myself and to feel more alive? What is it that you have been putting off or allowing the doubting voice in your head to dissuade you from doing? How can you be a better partner, friend, or parent? What material things are bringing you more harm than good?

Turn off the news and tune into your heart.

xo Audra

Photo: Zeke in his happy place. May you find yours!

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