Time to catch up!

Time to catch up!

Hello everyone! I hope that you have been keeping yourself sane by any means necessary. After the boom of holiday orders I always take time to reflect on the goals of the new year. I distance myself from social media, and spend time with myself deciding what I feel is working for me and what I can let go of. I am sure that disappearing isn't the best marketing strategy, but when you are  a small company you have to prioritize!

Sanity for me always comes from getting grounded in nature, taking on difficult challenges and learning new things. I have been wanting to spread my wings with designs that will appeal to folks outside of Pittsburgh, but which I am also just as passionate about.

In 2019 that took my focus to the beautiful architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. My year was consumed with creating lines for Kentuck Knob, Graycliff and The Martin house. Unfortunately, the world shut down, taking the shops with them and I had to switch gears once again, which is fine - I love challenges and creative problem solving more than anything else!

In 2021 I asked myself, What could we still enjoy with so many things taken from us? The outdoors. Nature. The simple things in life. Celebrations. I have completed all of my collections yet, but I have enough complete to finally share them with you! My new collections are : U.S. National Parks, Childhood (which is a celebration of the simple ways we had fun as a child), Plants (my first connectable collection!)  and Occasions. I had a blast creating all of the new designs and have a lot more to share with you in the upcoming weeks, but for now my soul says - go enjoy this beautiful 80 degree day before it disappears!


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