Nothing. Everything.

Nothing. Everything.

Virginia Montanez - once know as Pittsburgh's own Pitt Girl blogger wrote the sweetest book!  (which just so happens to go perfectly with our new Cathedral of Learning bookmark.) 

In Nothing. Everything. Virginia expertly gift wraps complicated emotions inside of the sweetest little love story. I want to tell you all about the book, and go into detail of how surprised I was to begin bawling over long ago, packed-away emotions, but then I would give too much of the story away. You're just going to have to read it for yourself!

Virginia says that she found some of the motivation to to write this book from an online troll who told her that she didn't have the talent. I LOVE THAT. Living life in fear of what others will think of you, is not living at all. 

Virginia, thank you for being fearless and creating this beautiful story. I can't wait to see what comes next! I am hoping that you already gave us some hints of that...

BUY EVERYTHING. NOTHING. HERE. and go create something - just because.


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