A peak into my process - Kentuck Knob

A peak into my process - Kentuck Knob

When I am either hired to create a design, or have stumbled upon some inspiration in my own travels the first thing I do is take in the space. What makes it unique, what feel does it have? When I leave there and think about my visit in two years, what is it that I will remember most about that experience?

Creating custom designs for Frank Lloyd Wright houses is one of my easiest gigs because everywhere you glance you find one beautiful detail after another.Not only is every detail of his designs perfect, but the spots he chooses to build have an energy all of their own.

Today I will share some designs I created for Kentuck Knob. I will continue sharing more FLW houses in the coming months!

Thanks for joining me on my journey :)


Design available exclusively through Kentuck KnobKentuck Knob ornament by Audra AzouryKentuck Knob view - ornament by Audra AzouryKentuck Knob by Audra Azoury

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